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Thread: Period and an UTI?!

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    Exclamation Period and an UTI?!

    Alright I've never had this problem before but lately every single time I've had my period it also feels like I have an UTI. I absolutely hate it and never experienced this before. I've had a lot of UTI's and are very prone to them. I get my period and it feels like I've also got a UTI with it but than once my period is done the UTI seems to go away to. I don't know what to do. My gyno is horrible and I've been meaning to switch but just haven't had the reason to yet since I just had a check-up. I already hate having my period (who doesn't) and having an UTI just makes it feel 100 times worse and it makes me feel like I have to just be inside for however long it lasts. I'm worried that something is wrong but at the same time I'm very afraid to go to the doctors because I always get the "run around" when it comes to my UTI's.

    Also I'm constantly drinking water and 100% cranberry juice. I've had so much water today I feel like I'm going to burst.

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    Drinking a lot of water is good. So is cranberry juice-but there's obviously something wrong. I've had a UTI during a period once but I can honestly tell you- it was the WORST experience in my entire life and I will NEVER forget it. But my doc gave me some pills that cured it and thank God it hasn't happened since. You definitely need to switch gynos!

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