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Thread: Breast/Chest Pain before and during menstrual cycle

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    Default Breast/Chest Pain before and during menstrual cycle

    I have been experiencing breast pain/chest pain? in either breast tho generally the left side more than the right for several years, since the birth of my son and constant changing of birth control. None of the doctors are concerned but it bothers me................anyone else experience these symptoms? I feel quite alone here. It usually begins a week prior to my actual period and lasts through it, about two weeks worth of on and off pain!!! UGH! It's just annoying and frustrating that's all. Thanks for listening!

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    Hi Joyina, I'm a mother of 4 and i'm 35 this coming october. Talking about your pain on your left breast, I am experiencing it myself too. I've logged in an article once about breast pain in the internet and it seems that the pain we are going through is called "Mastalgia" where pain occurs to women at the age of 34 years old and actually it is due to our hormone cycle issues. It is true that the pain become severe a week time before our period comes. I'm also inneed of help. I am currently not under medication and have not seek a doctor about my condition. The common suggestion we can help to minimize this pain is to take some pain killer for it which I am not sure. And it is sad to know too that the doctors you visited does not give much help. The most I can say.... don't stress up with your life and take life easy. I know being a mother to our children and wife to our husband is very hard but sometimes enjoyable. We have to think positive. Meanwhile I think I will have to see a doctor soon. But if any of your family have history breast problem, you should get help soon too. Take care.


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