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Thread: Bleeding on 2end patch of Orthro Evra

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    Exclamation Bleeding on 2end patch of Orthro Evra

    I had a period on 10 May through 14 May it was lighter then normal. Went on my 1st patch that Friday 15 May and then on 22 May I started my period again. I switched the patch just hoping it may be just breakthough bleeding. It is the 27th of May my period is going its really light now. It was slightly heavy for the first 3 days and now its really light but it is still going and this is still week 2 of the Patch and this friday I will change my patch for week 3. And I am having cramps here and there (not all the time). And the past couple of days I have been sick at my stomach.

    I started using the patch March 2008 due to me going overseas for a deployment. My stress levels are down and I am on no new medicines. But did have sex last month on week 3 of the patch. What do you think is going on???? Please help!!! I took a clearblue easy digital pregnancy test yesterday and it was negitive

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    Are you still having problems??

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