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Thread: sex triggers period, is that possible?

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    Default sex triggers period, is that possible?


    I had sex this morning with my boyfriend and ended up bleeding. The thing is it only looked a little, but as I got on with my day it started getting a little heavier. It's not like my regular periods either as the blood seems a little thinner.

    The thing is I'm not on any type of birth control, and we use condoms. What's more I finished my period last Saturday (which was late to begin with and didn't last as long as my usual periods). I don't really have a regular period all the time. But does that mean that the sex triggered my period?

    I only ask because I've been given birth control to start using when my period arrives. I'd also like to add that I'm not in pain or had any cramping.

    I'd appreciate any advice or thoughts.

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    For the most part (personal experience), it does. But you better head to your OB-GYN to be examined inside. Better be sure what you got there, you know.
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