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Thread: Vagina swollen on the inside

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    Default Vagina swollen on the inside

    I'm 18 and on my period- here's the problem. The inside of my vagina is swollen up and tight, I can't even fit my finger inside. I have no pads, so I've resulted to using napkins right now. It still kind of hurts, but I don't see anything else but menstrual blood coming from it.

    It's happened before and normally goes away but I don't have a pad handy this time, and I've always been curious as to why this happens.

    I'm still on my 2/6th day, so I'm still at heavy flow too. I normally use tampons with a pad, just in case, but never JUST a pad unless this happens.

    Can you help?

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    You say it has happened before?

    Have you ever posed that question to a Doctor?

    It seems only to happen when you have your periods, that's a good thing if you think about it, have you "googled" the sympton?

    I have to say after all this time here, I have never heard of this sweet.

    I am not sure if you will therefore get many replies.

    But, maybe advise us that this is the only time you have this problem.....

    When you are on your periods and it sounds like it's recent, not that it's always been that case?

    Do we not realise that in order to find a soul
    It doesn't happen over night
    if truth were to be told.

    Like everything in life that's hard to achieve
    you must believe!

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    I've never gone to see a doctor about it and my parents probably won't take me.

    And some one pointed to me that maybe it's not swollen, but the muscles inside are really tense?
    Normally this has happed at the later end of my period, so I assumed I used the wrong sized tampon and it's dried out- but that can't POSSIBLY be it now that it's happened on my heavy flow. =/

    It's day two of it being like this and the third day of my period and it's still tight.

    Normally it's gone by now. If this persists for a week I'm definitely going to a doctor. It's not too symptomatic as far as I know, it's just...really tight. >.>

    And I've tried to google the symptoms but they're all followed by ones I don't have like white spots or gray discharge, tying to tell me it's a yest infection...

    It's so strange.

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    Why are you using napkins instead of a pad? I've had times (when I still had a period - hurray for getting more mature!) when I couldn't insert a tampon. Part of it may have been engorgement but I also found that different applicators had an effect. Some seemed to work much better for me than others. Tampons are often loaded with chemicals, you may be sensitive to something and your body is reacting.

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    That may be it...
    Because I had one of the plastic applicators before, I forget the brand, tampax maybe and I ran out and my mom had the O.B ones.

    And I was only using a napkin for that night because I had no pads. Do now though. =3

    I never used to have too big a problem with O.B though, it was once in a while and I've almost always used O.B since I started wearing tampons till I got the tampax. My mom buys these things, I'll have to ask her to buy differently now- assuming that this is it.

    Thank you for your help guys. =)

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    ** Though I'm not sure if this was the case for my other problems in the past since I've always used OB those times.

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