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Thread: My cycles range from 28 day to 42 day cycles, whats going on!

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    Question My cycles range from 28 day to 42 day cycles, whats going on!

    What’s going on with my cycles?
    My cycles range from 28 day to 42 day cycles
    Over the last couple of mths ive been keeping track of my cycle and as you see the range, ranges greatly
    1St Month 34days
    2nd Month 41 days
    3 Month 29 days
    4t Month 41 days
    5th Month 33 days
    6th Month 42 days
    7th Month 43 days
    8th Month 28 days

    I’ve made an appointment to get blood tests done with the doctor next week but would like to know what people on this website think could be causing such a range in dates. I’ve been doing a bit of research my self on web and have came up with maybe its Anovulation.has any one here been diagnosed with this condition! On doing my research I have seen that it’s a high possibility that the doctor will prescribe the pill to regulate my cycle but seams to me that that will just cover the problem.
    What test / blood test should be done!
    • luteinizing hormone (LH)
    • follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
    • thyroid-stimulating hormone
    Any others?
    To explain my situation futher, I had been on the oral contraceptive pill for 3.5 years and felt some thing wasn’t rights so I decided to come off the pill and this was when I Knew something was wrong.
    During the 3.5 yrs that I was on the pill I would get mid cycle pains (one doctor told me that this was ovulation pain – but if I was on the pill, wouldn’t this mean that I shouldn’t be ovulation, another doctor I went to said it couldn’t be ovulation pain as I was on the pill) and for that reason when it comes to doctors it hard to know who’s right and who’s wrong as they are both doctors.
    When I Discussed the mid cycle pains with my doctor she chance my pill type, but I still had lighter mid cycle pains.
    Before going on the pill, my cycles would have been regular 28days approx, always more or less the same.
    My diet, lifestyle, stress etc have been the same so I can’t put it down to this. I have a very good balanced diet, No Rubbish what so ever, life style – 8 hrs sleep, no alcohol don’t smoke, not stressed etc
    I'd really appreciate some views/suggestions on this or if anyone has any advice on what to do next it will be greatly appreciated.

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    You never know, unfortunately I think our bodies are a bundle of mysteries.

    I've always had irregular periods, so nothing seems odd to me about your cycles, but if it bothers you, going and getting checked out by your Dr will help.

    Your average cycle for the last 8 months is 36 days. Most research shows the average menstrual cycle is 23-35 days. You are right next too that. I didn't chart when I was on the pill, but I started in February when I had my tubal and my last five cycles have been 29, 43, 35, 31, and 30, with an average of 33.

    Many things can contribute to an irregular cycle i.e. stress, thoughts, emotions, change in your daily routine, thyroid, etc. Try to really evaluate these things for the last 8 months, sometimes even the smallest amout of stress can cause an irregular cycle, depending on the person.

    I'm definitely curious as to what your Dr says, so update this thread after your appt.

    Good luck!
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    This is where chemicals really mess you up. A moon cycle is 28/29 days and the vast majority of healthy, physically mature women follow this cycle naturally, as you apparently did before you started on a chemical contraceptive. Can you use something non-chemical such as a plain IUD?
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    Exclamation Ok here goes,this is the results of my doctors visit????

    Ok here goes this is the results of my doctors visit
    Went to the doctor and got a blood test (was getting a blood test done as I need to see what my vitamin B12 level are, as approx 18mths ago they were very very low, then 6 months after getting the results back I had another test to see did I have intrinsic factor, I have, so this blood test is to see how things are doing since!

    Explained to my doctor the irregularities in my cycle, had them written down but she did analyse the number and (didn’t ever look at them) I said how I had done a bit of research myself and how I had come up with anuoviluation, her response to this was that, the only time I would need to know if I was ovulating or not was if I wanted to become pregnant .if I did want to become pregnant, then I would need to come off the pill 18mths before wanting to get pregnant to tract my cycles, to get a clearer picture to what is going on.

    Pregnancy is not an option for me, hence the reason I really want to know what’s going on with my reproductive system so if I do know everything is fine, I do know the pill should work fine for me.
    May sound odd but I have read on this web site how women on the pill have got pregnant and when I went to the doctor when I was on the pill and she told me the pains I was having mid cycle were ovulation pains, this made me losses confidence in he pill. Opinions on this please!

    Should women know when they are ovulating, for the reason alone for just knowing our general health? My doctor didn’t seam to think that it mattered. She said periods could be irregular for any reason
    A symptom polycystic ovarian syndrome is irregular periods so for this season she is doing a blood test to see what my LS and FSH levels are.
    My doctor also explained that she is doing a blood test for diabetes, as diabetes is also a sign/symptom of polosystic ovarian syndrome!

    I asked if the pill would just cover up a problem and she said no as the pill helps polycystic ovarian syndrome (would it cover up any other problem???)
    The doctor proscribe me the pill-logynon - she explained it tracts my cycle more than the regular combination pill and it had 3 different levels of hormone that changes every week. I have not picked up the pill yet as I want to know more about it before I take it. Success rate etc and not just what it says on the pack. (But from people experiences with it)

    My doctor is a very good doctor, (have been to 4 doctor and finally have one I an happy with) but I still feel im getting nowhere with my problem. I believe every individual needs to look after their own health and it starts with understanding our bodies and not just going with what our doctors say first time round.
    After all if we don’t look after ourselves no one else will.

    Later on today I will receive all blood test results.

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    Default Results are back

    My results are back and the doctor said all results are fine. Dont have PCOS. Results
    FSH 5.0
    LH 5.5.
    On the print of there isnt a range for the norms, what d the results mean.

    Thyroid Stim Hormone is 1.69 Range 0.15-3.2
    Free T4 is 22.0 Range 10.3-24.5

    Blood test was done on day 14 of cycle !

    Whats you opinion on the results!
    Thanks in advance.

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