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Thread: REALLY Bad Cramps

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    Default REALLY Bad Cramps

    Hello all! Finally, somewhere I can get some helpful advice Here comes the story of me...

    I am 22 years old, but ever since I first started my menstrual cycle (6th grade), my cramps have just been so painful. Sometimes to the point of throwing up. My cycles are usually 4 weeks apart, sometimes 3 (not sure why). The first 2 days, usually, are when the pain begins. I can sometimes catch it in time when I am REALLY on track with my cycle, so I'll pop a couple pills before I go to bed when I think they might wake me up later that night. Anyway, my cramps are so bad, that sometimes I have to leave work early. I'll take Iubeprofin, Midol, Aleve, anything that will help before I go to work. But they hardly ever take effect. So when I get to work, I can't ever finish the day. I feel nauseated, light-headed, dizzy, and sometimes it'll get so bad my hands will start to shake and the tips of my fingers get numb. They were so bad one year in college, that as I was walking down the hall to try to make it to the bathroom to maybe throw up, I fell on the floor in the bathroom right before the stall. I was so dizzy, I almost blacked out.

    That sort of pain happened the last 2 days I've been at work. It didn't get to the point where my hands were numb, as mentioned above, but it got to the point where I wanted to throw up at the slightest smell of food. Also, my period came a week early this time, so I was caught off guard. This happens every so often, but what are some factors that can cause this? I've heard that stress is one. Is this true? Because I have been kind of stressed the past few weeks. So today, when I was at work and started to feel the pain, I popped 4 Iubeprofin. Much to my surprise...they didn't work at all. So I came home, took a 3 hour nap (that seems to help), and felt better. Then later on, minor cramps came back. Not painful, but just enough annoyance. So I took 2 Midol. Never took effect...

    Are there any answers as to why this happens to me? I've been told warm drinks sooth the pain. I live by heating pads/patches. But what are some good remedies for girls with cases like mine? When I'm with my boyfriend, and my cramps are unbareable, he'll stay up all night with me rubbing my tummy until the pain goes away, or until I fall asleep (what a loving companion ). I've been contemplating asking my mom to go with me to the doctor, but 1) I do not like the doctor, and 2) I'm afraid I will be prescribed birth control (something I refuse to take).

    I don't know what to do!

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    We are in trouble....

    See, Birth Control often is actually the key to the answer of period pain, it was for me, many years ago and for many others here that I have read....

    I don't believe you have to be on it for life, rather just to make things easier, it may be worth considering for a short term , 12 months?

    The only way I could relieve was hot water bottle, or wheat bag on my stomach, walking every day, every day, just to move the body more, water, lots of water...

    But, I used to roll around on the floor in pain, that bad... The pill was my only solution...

    I know drugs suck... But, I don't know what else to advise..


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    Ditto on what CW said.

    Go to the Dr, there are things that can help.

    Like CW, the pill was the only thing that helped me. I got off the pill in Feb when I had my tubes tied, and guess what? I get massive cramps again. So, during that time of the month, I sleep with a heating pad, Advil and in the fetal position. It's not AS bad as they used to be, but worse than when I was on the pill.
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    You just described me! I had pain and sickness just like that for years! I was diagnosed with endometrosis and treated (not cheap). I was put on BC for several years, which helped short term but I don't think it was worth how it made me feel. The best thing I've found so far (and believe me, I've tried everything) is progesterone cream. You can get it at the health food store. PM me if you have any questions.
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