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Thread: Severe sharp pain in pelvic area during period

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    Question Severe sharp pain in pelvic area during period

    I just found this website and am hoping that someone will be able to help me. My period started Monday (10/26). Later that evening I started cramping pretty bad but soon after the cramping turned into severe sharp pain (felt like a knife stabbing/cutting) in my pelvic area, just right above the pelvic bone. I used ibuprofen and a heating pad which barely helped. The pain was so bad I felt like crying and I couldn't hold my youngest boy (14 months). When I woke up Tuesday I still had some pain but mostly when I was up on my feet. It also hurts more if I carry anything. It's kinda hard to explain, but my insides feel like I've just given birth. The pain isn't as severe now, but this just doesn't feel normal. I have a doc appt on Nov 12 for my yearly pap and I'll be sure to talk to the doc about this then, but was just wondering if anyone has experienced anything similar.

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    Default HI - I have the same problem!

    I know this post is 2 years old, but the same things has been happening to me now 3 times - on CD 2 on my period - sudden sharp and knife cutting pains, that make me almost faint - never experienced such a severe degree of pain... I even went to the hospital twice - had bloodtest, x-rays, nothing to be found. Pain killers (iboprofen) and cramp relief like Buscopan didn't help at all!
    I was researching online - since now I am afraid if it will occur again during my next period or not - but I couldn't find anything except this post that describes it exactly as what I was experiencing. Just a nightmare!
    I don't know how to contact you, since I would like to know if you ever found out what it was and if this terrible pain occurred again...
    I know that after around 2 hours !!! the sharpness of the pain turned into a dull stomach and pelvic ache - yes it actually seemed to have moved up- and it lasted for the next few days, especially during walking or sitting down and getting up. My abdomen appeared hard and slightly swollen, so I thought it could be colic or gas ?! but why does it happen during the period? and not every cycle...?!?!
    I hope there is someone out there who can help!!!

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    btw, it is not due to ovarian cysts, I know this for a fact, since I have had cysts all my life and it has never caused anything like this. Cysts feel cause a different kind of pain. I can feel that it is the pelvic, abdominal area - like inside the intestines - everywhere, not just one side.

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