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Thread: Period during my wedding?!!?

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    Default Period during my wedding?!!?

    I was marking my calendar with my cycle when I realized that I'm due to have my period during my wedding! And it's not just a one-day wedding, we're getting married in Punta Cana and will be there for nine days!

    My BC of choice is the nuvaring. I love everything about it so I don't want to switch to anything else. For those who aren't familiar, you put one in and leave it for 3 weeks then take it out for a week to get your period. I'm supposed to take it out the day that we leave for our trip.

    I absolutely do not want to worry about my period on the beach, in my wedding dress, or on our wedding night I've read that you shouldn't leave the ring in for 4 weeks but some girls do it to skip their period. I'm not exactly sure about the details on why you shouldn't do it, I'm assuming because the rings aren't designed for the hormones to last that long and you aren't as protected from pregnancy.

    At any rate, I'm posting this because I'm wondering what options I might have in order to NOT have my period during my wedding/honeymoon! Is there anything I can do?
    Help, please!!!

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    It's possible it will work to leave it in 4weeks but it's going to increase your chance of getting pregnant. Most likely if you talk to your doctor they will agree to give you an extra one. Then on the day you take out the old one just put in a new one. You won't get your period until you take that one out another 3 weeks later. There is some risk of spotting by delaying or skipping your period.

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    Hmm, it would stink worrying about spotting (especially in a wedding dress!) but it looks like that might be my only option!

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    Spotting would be very light hun, pale pink, wear knickers

    No seriously, if your worried, put a light pad liner on your knickers, off course taking that off, before you get to your Hotel Room.

    Good luck with your wedding... best wishes from all of us.

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    Best as CW had suggested (I might do it as well). Shhhh!
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