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Thread: can sex stop your period?

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    Cool can sex stop your period?

    I have my period every month for five days...hasn't changed in 19 years. Well, this month my period started as usual, heavy for the first day, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend.....and it went away! I have had a trickle of blood for two days when it should've been heavy. Could I be pregnant?

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    Default Changes in menstrual cycle.

    Your period will not always remain the same consistency for your whole life. Having a decrease in the amount of blood is nothing to worry about. As your hormones change, so will your cycle and symptoms. Stress and health also have a hand in what your cycle does each month.

    And yes, sex can some times have an effect on a woman's menstrual cycle. This is for two reasons. One: During sex, your body experiences a large fluctuation in hormones. So some women may be more sensitive to that then others. Two: Even if it may not seem like it, sex can have effect similar to stress on the body. You know, the worrying about who is pleasing who. Or the big orgasm questions. It can be stressful. Even miniscule amounts of stress can effect your cycle.
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    Default can sex stop your period

    I think sex can affect periods , i was always fairly regular until i had sex for the first time in a long time and my last two cycles have been early and unusually heavy so i think our hormones definitely cause fluctuations .

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    Default Sex and your period

    I just recently had sex for the first time in like 4 or 5 months.. a week before it happened I had cramps and was thinking I was about to start my period..and now after having sex its been a week and a half.. and I still get cramps, but my period still has not started.. The guy wore a condom... so what could this possibly mean?

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    Default Please answer

    from the last 2 months i am having my periods later than the expected date. Now on 2nd of this month i was expecting my period but didn't had. On 5th I had an unprotected sex with my husband and on the night of 6th when we were having it i saw lil blood stains on the bed. I was bleeding i thought its due to my periods. Then I had a little bleeding the whole day expecting it to be the first day i ignored it. I even had a contraceptive pill on periods lasted only for one and a half day that to with a little bit of it...
    Can I be pregnant...Was it my periods or just the vaginal bleeding? What can be the possible reasons of my period stopping? I usually have a period of 5 days. Please reply


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