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Thread: What Could Be The Cause Of Vaginal Bleeding Every Other Week???

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    Question What Could Be The Cause Of Vaginal Bleeding Every Other Week???

    Ok... Most women have their period ONCE a month. Normally my period is every 2 - 3 months. As far as I know Ive never been Pregnant. Ive been to the doctor many times, had MANY blood/urine tests, and ALL of them came up negative for pregnancy. But Lately... ever since August... Ive been bleeding every other week. No Lie. It started August 14, and bled for just that one day. Then it went from August 31, until September 18. The blood flow was never really heavy. Like not even worthy of wearing a liner. After that I didnt bleed until until October 7th, 8th, and then it stopped and started again on the 16th for that one day.

    I didnt bleed till the end of November. Now its every two weeks. I was bleeding December 2nd for a week and during that week, i pulled out a tampon after having it in for only 3 hours... and there was a blood clot the size of 3 adult fingers attached to it. there was blood pouring everywhere, all over the floor, all over my bed. it freaked me out. So I called Planned Parenthood and the doctor set me up for an appointment for December 18th... which is Tomorrow. And i just started bleeding again like 2 hours ago.

    I havent felt sick at all. my boobs dont hurt at all and never have. I dont dont feel any pain at all. My appetite has been exactly the same. I havent craved anything out of the ordinary. Like i said ive been taking LOTS of pregnancy tests.. both Blood and Urine tests... and they both always come up negative.

    Ive asked Family and Friends about this... My mom says , "Its probably just hormones, go get some birth control and itll balance out your periods." A friend at work said, "It might be Thyroids because thats what me, my mom, and my sister had last year." I asked my best friend, all she could say was, "That happened to me last month but im fine now so i dont know what to tell you" --- Big Help eh? And a couple of other friends said, "You might be/have been preganant or had a miscarriage."

    I'd REALLY Like to know what is going on?

    To say in short, Im Bleeding every other week, No Pain, No Sickness, No KNOWN Pregnancies.... So Whats Up O_o???

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    I had my period every two weeks for a few months when I was working out really hard. My adrenal glands (and probably thyroid) were really low. Those glands control your hormones so it could definitely be that.
    Seems like the wind blowing a different direction can throw your period off so it could be anything. Balance your life, eat right and stay active. If you're willing to take BC to regulate your periods then that's an option as well.
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    There is a certain class of birth control called triphasic pills, like Tri-Cylcen. These pills will deliver an increasing dose of a progesterone-like substance every week allowing for a more controlled and closer to regular bodied menstrual cycle. Right now I would say it is your progesterone levels going all wonky because that is the main contributor to the actual menstruation. You could check with your doctor to find out what levels your hormones are working at, particularly the general menstrual ones like LH, FSH, progesterone and estrogen but they may say everything is fine (the levels change all the time so the day the test is done could say that everything is fine).

    I have hypothyroidism which means my thyroid does not function as it should and it basically slowly spits out the correct hormones instead of spewing them out in a huge flow like normal functioning ones. I did have irregular periods for the longest time, often 2 solid weeks a month of constant bleeding, but once I was put on the tri-cyclen birth control everything went to normal cycles. I can even predict the days I am due for my period now, which is a huge relief.
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