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Thread: Vaginal Bleeding every day

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    Default Vaginal Bleeding every day

    Let me start by this is my first post and I'm really nervous I didn't know whether to put it in the sex topic or in this one so I chose menstrual cycle,I'm 23 and I met my boyfriend in the summer of 2007,to make a very long story short. We were fooling around 2008 one night and his nails weren't clipped and he used his fingers inside of me,it got a little to rough and afterwards I was bleeding. Now ever since that happened I bleed everyday! I can't ever tell if I'm having a period or not,I only feel cramps maybe 2-3 times and thats it,half of the time I dont have cramps at all but I'm bleeding...It's 2010 and im STILL bleeding,I've used so many pads over the last year,and havent gone to see a doctor at all,I'm to afraid to. Could it be stress thats making me bleed so much? or Aspirin,because I was taking aspirin alot for migraines and headaches I was getting frequently,and have been looking online for symptoms of what I might have and the only thing I've found is something Fibroids,Cervical Cancer or HPV and may other things but I just dont know...What should I do????

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    You should go to a doctor and you should stop taking aspirin or over the counter pain killers so often. They can cause stomach ulcers and are a blood thinner. Aspirin can even weaken blood vessels in the brain when taken long term. You could kill yourself if you aren't seeing a doctor. There are other medications they can prescribe for long term treatment of migraines or even possible cure if they find a cause. The aspirin can cause bleeding but bleeding from the digestive tract would be far more common. Odds are something else is wrong with your reproductive tract. If it's been 3 years it's also unlikely it had anything to do with an injury. You cannot rule out serious causes of either migraines or vaginal bleeding using the internet. Only a doctor can run tests to do that.

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    Im 23years old with 2 children, I've had non stop trouble after having my second child. Starting from conspitation to bleeding. Finally after 3 years i know there's something just not right as from new years eve to present i've bleed varys during day from black,brown,red every day. I have trouble going to the toilet which again has been problem since having my son i go about 3 times a week even though i eat 3 meals a day. I'm having cramps every day, bloating and gurgling and movements in stomach (possibly air) some lower back pain. Ive been back and forth to doctors and they have always fobbed me off saying it will be my conceptation and they have changed it so many times and nothing has changed so i decided to stop taking it last year so they cant blame that for causing my problem. Been back to doctors 3 times this month and they told me i could have a swab done only when i stop bleeding (so peeved off and frustrating) on 4th visit 4 days ago i argued the fact that i wasnt going to stop bleeding so how was i going to get my problem sorted and my illness could get worse which it is finally... shen agreed to do the swabs....( I hear back tomorrow) I'm really worried as i have got other issues with a enlarged goiter and weight loss too feel like im falling to bits..

    Regarding post below i do recommend you to go to the doctors i'd put it off when it started but seriously go!! You know when somethings not right with your body... let me know the outcome.

    I will also post outcome of my swabs tomorrow just incase anyone has had same probs as me...


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