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Thread: Heavy period/stomach cramps: When to worry?

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    Default Heavy period/stomach cramps: When to worry?

    I apologize off the bat for being so graphic about my period but I want to be as descriptive as possible so you know.

    Ive always had a bad period since I started and I know ive had heavy periods but this one imparticular seems bad. ive also been diagnosed with PMDD so the symptoms usually keep me in bed but this time they seem worse to plus my period really surprised me because im usually a week late or a tleast a few days but this time i was actually two days early and it started without barely any previous PMDD symptoms and usually im racked with symptoms for a good week before my period starts. I woke up the day i started and along with the night before was havign bad cramps in my actual stomach (not abdomen or utuerus or anything but actual stomach) and it was making me pretty nauseas. Well the cramps went away into just a tight feeling so i took my chance at eating thinking it was gas and usually eating pushes the gas through but i became really sick after eating. I grew nauseas and my IBS symptoms kicked in and I didnt stop going to the bathroom till i was cleared out. Plus i was having dizzying heart palpitations that made me feel like i was gonna vomit or faint.
    Well it turns out the family caught some 24 hour bug because me my mom dad and sis were all having stomach cramps and a small fever but their stomach cramps are on and off and mine seem to be worse.
    I know heart palpitations are common after eating to some people, an are common with PMDD. I have a list of symptoms from PMDD and abdominal cramps are also on there (i dont know if it means actual stomach though) and nausea and vomiting.
    The cramps are bad enogh to keep me in bed when their at there worse, curled up. And i cant eat because even after a couple crackers they get worse
    I think some of the cramping is gas because I can feel it move into my colon but alot of it jus stays there and my stomach feels really tight and tired like it wont relax
    Yesterday my period wasnt to heavy but today i woke up and it seems to be dripping really heavy. ANytie i move or stand a good amount drizzles out of me at a time and it takes quite abit to clean me up during a bathroom break so I dont know if its unusually heavy or if Im just having a bad period this month
    Could it be a mix between the bug going around the house and my period thats causing such bad stomach cramps? I have had an appetite, every six hours or so last night my stomach would start to growl, but with the cramps, and if i tried eatig the cramps would worsen.
    But its an uncomfortably heavy period and its only been heavy today for, maybe an hour it could ahve been longer but i was asleep.
    Im not sure whether to be worried or not, im not right now because I dont want ot make it worse for me. My fever is breaking, it was never to bad, enough to feel but not even enough to cause body aches. Otherwise this morning im pretty acidy and cramping still in my stomach. I havent barely had any regular period cramps at all and I usually do but am having upper back aches and lower back pressure.
    Again im sure ive had periods this heavy before but along with the stomach cramps it has be abit worried. I thought Id wake up feeling better, everyone else is, but i really didnt

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    I think the cramps are due to the bug, and maybe made worse by IBS. I strongly suggest you go to your GP and explain what you have described to us, maybe even print this thread of to show him/her.
    It may not be to do with the same thing, there maybe many problems need investigating, and maybe it's a number of things combined together

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