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Thread: No period for 3 months, negative tests, no pregnancy symptoms

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    Default No period for 3 months, negative tests, no pregnancy symptoms

    In the middle of December I lost my birth control half way through the pack of pills and didn't have a back up to replace it so I was just going to wait until I started my period to start a new pack of pills. Well, ever since I haven't had a period and have taken 3 pregnancy tests but all were negative. My body is very sensitive so I am assuming I would be able to see symptoms if I were pregnant and I have had none. I have had unprotected sex ever many times since I have been off birth control. Can anyone tell me if I am just not having my period because my body is screwed up from stopping my pills half way through the pack?

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    Sometimes it takes a while for your body to get back to normal after stopping the pill. Have you had any spotting or PMS symptoms?

    I'd call and talk to your nurse or Dr., they'll probably want you to come in for a pregnancy test, but at least you'll be able to start on the pill again.
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    No spotting at all...Middle of January I had all period symptoms and thought I was starting that week but nothing ever came. I have my annual exam at the end of this month so I will talk with my doctor and hopefully get something figured out. Thanks!

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    When I stopped pills I went more than 3months without a period and then only had 2 before I went another 3-4months without. It was a year before my periods started to become regular again. I had no spotting or anything. If you've been on pills for awhile there's no point waiting unless you are waiting for your body to take over again so you can get pregnant.

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