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Thread: light bleeding 2 weeks after last period

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    Unhappy light bleeding 2 weeks after last period

    Hi I'm new here and I'm a little concerned about a bit of bleeding.

    I'm 24 and had my last period about 2 weeks ago, since then me and my boyfriend have had sex unprotected several times but he never ejaculated into me. A couple of days ago I had some light bleeding, not enough to use a tampon or pad and it continued all day and then stopped. I'm worried that this is implantation bleeding and could I possibly be pregnant? My cycles are always on time and this has never happened to me before. When is the earliest I could do a test?

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    For most test, you can test on the first day of your missed period. There are early detection tests that you can take 5 days before your period.
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    In know this was ages ago, but I would love to know the results, As I'm going through exactly the same thing!

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    Hi - this is either ovulation bleeding (caused by the change in hormones that happens around ovulation - in the middle of your cycle - hence normally 2 weeks after your first day of your period, but of course every woman is different...)
    or - it could be contact bleeding, that can happen if your lining inside is thinner (due to infection, etc) and normal intercourse can cause a light spotting, bleeding.
    I have had both, both are completely normal.

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