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Thread: lighter than normal period and now spotting two weeks later.

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    Question lighter than normal period and now spotting two weeks later.

    Hi all,

    I'm 19 years old, sexually active, and on birth control pills (we dont use condoms due to a latex allergy). My last regular period was in January, I generally will skip periods every second month or so, anyway. Two weeks ago i was due for my period and i got it i think, it was two and half days later than usual, and it was much lighter for me. The blood ranged in colours from Pink, to red, to dark red, to brown, normal for me and also contained some clots, also normal. The last time my boyfriend and i had sex was the early middle of march. I was just wondering is this lighter period normal? I mean a panty liner was sufficient for it. Also yesterday i noticed i was spotting a bit, its dark brown and there is the odd bit of red, I also feel some cramping. I guess im concerned about pregnancy. Typing this out now it seems like a silly concern because i did have some form of a withdrawl period even though it was lighter than usual.

    I do have much more stress in my life than usual right now so i'm trying to reason with myself that this is all just stress and anxiety causing any irregularities.

    Any insight or comments would be much appreciated.

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    Even on the pill I experienced random light periods. And, as you say, you are dealing with more stress than usual right now, so another reason for a lighter period.

    As long as you are religiously taking your pill, you should be fine.

    If you feel the need, take a HPT to eliminate this little bit of stress from your life. That way you can focus on dealing with everything else you have going on without this hanging in the back of your mind.

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