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Thread: Tugging in lower abdomen...cramps?

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    Default Tugging in lower abdomen...cramps?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone else out there has experienced a constant tugging in their lower abdomen, mixed in with mild cramps? I have felt like I am going to start for the last 2 weeks and not due to start until April 24 but for the past week I have had this annoying constant tugging sensation on my lower abdomen.


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    i had that once yea, before i started my period after, I read that we can feel some pain when we ovulate, but I dont think it should last long though

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    Thanks Ashy - I ovulated on April 4 and not supposed to start until April 24 (I have a long cycle). The pain is getting so intense I am going to my doctor today but at least I know i am not the only one that has felt this.

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