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Thread: Can periods get heavier as you get older? I am 40.

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    Default Can periods get heavier as you get older? I am 40.

    the last 2 years they seem to be heavier on the first 2 days. For example, when I get out of bed in the morning. I just sit up and a gush comes out all the way to my stomach. I could actually hold a cup down there if I wanted and it would flow into cup. I also will use a pad and tampon at the same time- only the first two day- and then I am fine. No cramps, etc

    I took plan B 2 years ago, and that's when it seemed to start?

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    I can relate to you about being heavey in the morning.. as soon as i sit up i have to run to the bathroom too cuz i can feel it all pouring out! As for your period getting heavier with age.. i would imagine that it could. i would assume that it varies with each person. Have you spoke to your doctor about this? Personally for me i feel like mine are getting lighter as i get older.. but im the same as u i still have to wear a tampon and a pad at the same time. I don't know if theres a linkage to ur heavier flow and the plan B tho, but i would check with your doctor

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    My mom's sure did, starting at 40 yrs old, progesterone cream and vitamins helped her. I think a hormone imbalance plays a role.
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    As you into perimenopause instead of getting lighter and farther apart as you might think your periods should, they do get heavier and often closer together.
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