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Thread: No period for 7 months....

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    Default No period for 7 months....

    I'm new here and looking for a bit of advice.

    I'm 33 years old and haven't had a period in 7 months now. I'm not pregnant. I've been to the doctors and was told that I'm slightly underweight, which may be what is causing my periods to stop. However, I eat plenty and fairly healthilly and although I exercise, I don't go totally mad. I've had blood tests which came back fine. I was also sent to the hosptial for a a transvaginal and abdominal ultra scan. I was totally freaked out by this and unable to go through with the transviginal scan as it caused me so much pain it was unbearable. I'd had a smear test a couple of months previously which was absolute agony so think I had this in mind when I was in the hospital. The nurse was quite rude and annoyed with me, which also didn't help matters.

    Basically what I'd like to know (if anyone does know!), is could there be any way of having my ovaries examined under anasethetic, or just some other way of doing it that doesn't involve absolute agony and trauma?
    Also, could anyone advise me on specific foods I could be eating that may help bring on my period.
    Or any advice on how I could put on weight and improve my diet. I thought I was eating mostly all the right things, such as peanut butter, porridge, chicken, avocado etc - but I guess I must be doing something wrong somewhere.
    ..? I'd be happy to provide exact details of what I eat on an average day.

    Really hope someone can help or has some ideas, as I'm freaking out at the moment with the worry that I may not be able to have children in the future...:-(

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    I just started my period yesterday after not having it for 8 months. I lost 23 pounds since December (im 5'8) and in the past 2 months have been working to put my weight back on.... I gained about 15 pounds back and finally started my period (now at 140). The reason your not getting your period girl is because you do not have enough body fat. If you are underweight you usually will not have a regular menstrual cycle. Dont worry once you put a lil more weight on it will start right up! I was extremely concerned to but sure enough after putting my weight back on it started!

    as for what foods to eat to gain weight its to each their own, but dont go down the fast food road. Not only is fast food garbage and taste terrible, its just unhealthy, has to much saturated fat and grease and puts weight and cellulite in all the wrong areas. There is nothing better than home made meals OMG
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