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Thread: Is my 9yo starting her period?

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    Default Is my 9yo starting her period?

    The last few days my 9yo has been having belly pain. She says all over but then says it is lower. Alot of time it is after physical activity(cheerleading). It is also most of the time in the afternoon or night. She has no fever, no vomiting or diarehha. She also has had a bowel movement every day.
    She has had breast buds for probably 6 months now, we just asked her and she said they were tender. No pubic hair or any other signs. she did get her very 1st pimple today. it just came up overnight, she has had no sign of them otherwise.

    The main reason I am concerned is she is just not having what I would consider mild cramps. She cries, and sometimes doubles over in pain. I would like to know if it is normal for her to be in this much pain and at this young. I am very worried. It has been going on for several days off and on. I think I should take her to the doctor. Can they tell if it is her period comeing on?
    I do have pretty bad cramps, so I guess that could be heriditary. I also started my period at 9. My mom didn't start til 12. My maternal grandmother started at 11. My grandmother had problems with her reproductive system from puberty. At 21 they said she had uterus and ovaries the size of a 12 year old and would never carry a baby. the of course she had my mom, then immediatly had a hysterectomy at 23. My mom had endametriosis and had a hysterectomy at 36. I am 34 and have very regular normal periods.

    Sorry for the essay. But any advice would be helpful.

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    With the exposure to the artificial hormone receptors in BGH laced cattle products and your own history of early menstration, it is possible. Why not get her into the family doctor just to be sure there isn't something else going on.

    If she does start you can make it a more fun and exciting event if you throw her a first blood party or ceremony. There are a lot of traditions for this and it can help her feel positive about it.
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