Heya everyone,

I'm making a doctors appointment pretty soon, but I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this is serious.

I'm 25 years old. It seems that lately my periods have become more intense and painful. The first 2-3 days of my bleeding I get these amazingly horrible cramps. I mean, they feel like someone is literally stabbing me in the gut. My husband is very concerned because I actually moan in pain out loud. I can't function at all or barely even walk around when I get them. Taking Advil Liquid Gels takes the edge off but I still feel very sore. The sharp pains are centered in my abdomen, but I can feel the pain all the way up into my back and down in my legs.

I've always had heavy and painful periods, but not **this** bad. Before my cramps were annoying, but nothing like this. I could take some meds and be perfectly fine. I'm not on any birth control, and haven't been for a while (it was giving me really bad migraine headaches).

Another thing. I notice a good majority of the time menstrual blood is usually dark and clotted (with some fresh mixed in). In conjunction with my extreme pain, I bleed a ridiculous amount (a whole lot more than before) and this blood looks fresh.. like bright red out of a wound. It's also hardly clotted. I wear the heaviest kind of tampon you can buy and have to change it about every half an hour to an hour or it will soak through. It's pretty gross to describe, I know.. but it just feels like something is wrong. It's the look of the blood that's bothering me the most. I also feel sick/tired and notice I get really pale. I associated this with the usual menstrual symptoms (the exhaustion one typically feels) at first. I usually bleed for the full 7 days and the pain subsides after 3-4 days.

I figure the doctor will tell me to go back on birth control, which will cause my severe migraines to resurface. I suppose stopping whatever this is will be more important. Perhaps I could get a prescription for migraine meds as well. haha.