Yesterday I started to have a bloody streak in m discharge. Today it was completely brown. I know that sometimes it just the lining coming out late, but it's been two full weeks since I've been off my period. My discharge has been normal for the past two weeks, up until yesterday with the bloody streaks. I did have unprotected sex on the 3, but I don't think I'm pregnant or anything. If it connects with it or not, I HAVE been having headaches lately, have had vertigo, and tunnel vision at times, and cramping. But I'm not sure of they are all connected. I'm not sure the brown discharge is from delayed lining, because I've had regular discharge the past two weeks. Anyone know what's up? This might be getting into the TMI zone, but we are all women right... The discharge is kind of like blobs. Ranging from dime to quarter size. If this was happenin a few dad after my period, I wouldn't be concerned, but TWO weeks?? Advice??