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Thread: Been Bleeding for 17 Days!!!!!!!

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    Default Been Bleeding for 17 Days!!!!!!!

    I would appreciate it if anyone could give some adivice......

    I have been having irregular periods for a while now, in fact I think it has been over 2 years since my periods stopped being regular.

    Anyway, December of 05 I went to the doctor to get a check up. The doctor said she would avoid giving me an examination and that my periods would probably eventually become regular.

    I started a regular period the first week of January 06, and did not get another period until the first week of May 06. However, I did not think much of it because I had been used to having sporatic periods.

    On May 16, I again started bleeding - and again i thought nothing of it. It is now June 1, and I am still bleeding (adds up to 17 days). It does not feel like a period because I am not experiencing any cramps and the bleeding is the same amount each day. The earliest doctors appointment I could get is for June 19th, but I am concerned that I should visit the doctor sooner. What are your thoughts?

    Some things to note:

    -Again, I am not experiencing cramps and do not think this is menstration.

    -I am not sexually active, and never have been.

    -I am not experiencing drastic weight changes or great amounts of stress.

    -I am 18 yrs. old.

    My basic question is : Should I be more concerned about bleeding for such a long period of time?

    Would really appreciate a response!!!!!!!!!

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    Are you bleeding heavily or is this minor amounts of blood? If you are bleeding heavily and cannot get in to see your doctor, then I would recommend finding another doctor that can see you. Have you been on birth control at all... ever? If you took any birth control at any time, it can potantially throw off your cycle for a long time. You could possibly have a hormone imbalance which causes the irregular bleeding. Or there could be something else wrong. It's really hard to tell. But I would certainly say that if you are bleeding heavilly and if you start to experience any other nonperiod related symptoms to go see a doctor immediately. If things get worse and no doctor can get you in, then go to the emergency room. They will always see you there.

    And of course, avoid stress, eat healthy, get plenty of water, and I would say stay away from tampons and douche until you are sure there is not something wrong in there.

    Good luck to you!

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