I dont know whats wrong with me. I have been terribly moody latley and i thought it was because i wasnt working. I thought i was going through a mild blue period but then i started to get very hostile and still do. i feel so bad for my husband and yet i feel that he deserves it for not being more understanding and supportive. but I am only crabby and meen towards him not any one else. In fact i feel good at home till he gets off of work. I dont know what to think. My period comes next week so i dont think that the last 2 weeks of an emotional rollacoaster was caused by it. My husband even asked me if i was preganate and i said no ofcourse. i would have no way of knowing that right now. i went to the doctors last month and i think they wouold have mentioned something if i was. but any way i dotn know if this has anything to do with my period but if i could just get some advise on what is going on with me.
maybe its stress but i dont know. I am ready to start pulling my hair out.