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Thread: cycle 2 weeks apart

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    imported_Amy Lynn

    Question cycle 2 weeks apart

    I would appreciate any information on this subject. I have always had regular menstrual cycles within a few days of 4 weeks apart. I started my period on May 5th. At the end of this cycle (5-6 days) I had a dark brackish discharge. I thought it was odd, but just figured it was spring and I am getting older (34). I had another period on May 19th that lasted the usual 5-6 days and also ended with this dark almost black looking discharge (for about 2-3 days). I went to the doctor. Everything looked normal, had a yeast infection, but also took other tests (results not back yet). I need to say that I am not at all worried about STD's. I just started my period again this morning, June 3rd. I do not understand why I would start having periods every 2 weeks out of the blue. Please help!! Sorry this is so long, but I figured that sometimes details help. Thank you.

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    Are you taking or have you taken any birth control? That can effect your cycle. Stress, unhealthy eating, and even infections or illness can throw off your cycle. Hormone imbalance or hormonal changes can also effect your cycle. Of course, the only way to be certain what is going on is to evaluate these factors in your life and get a good exam from a gynecologist. It sounds like you are too young for menopause, but there is something called perimenopause and early menopause which could be possible. The only way to know if you are experiencing those things is to take a "Hormone Panel". That will test all the levels of your hormones.

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    Default same

    I was on the pill for about 6 years, my partner and I have decided to have a child, well I two was having irregular cycle every two weeks, went to see a gyno, He told me I was not ovulating, i am now on hormoan tablest to get me to ovulate, now my mens come every 26-28 days apart. I am told that after I have a child my mens could go back to normal but if not then I would have to stay on the pill to keep me regular. Hope this helps!!

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