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Thread: Two weeks after my period and i am bleeding again???

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    Smile Two weeks after my period and i am bleeding again???

    hi, well here goes, I am 22, not on any form of contraception, usually regular as clockwork and myself and my partner are currently trying for a baby, well i had my period regular two weeks ago which was a little lighter than usual but there never the less, my last day was the second of may, then on the 14th i started bleeding very lightly and it was pinkish in colour its been light than heavier but nothing like a normal period, i went to the doctors second day into the bleeding and she said it was nothing to worry about i even had a internal!! But i am very concerned? it seems to be painful some times and hasnt stopped yet!!! HELP please? i dont fancy going back incase iam worrying over nothing? thanx

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    Painful how? Like cramps?

    If your doctor isn't concerned about it and you were thorough with your description of symptoms, then it's probably nothing to be too concerned about. Periods are always funny, even if you're "regular as clockwork" as you say. You're still young!

    I've also had this happen to me when I began letting my ex "go inside of me." Which I assume you've recently started doing and weren't doing before? Maybe that's a factor.
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    Wait and see. As long as it does not cause you painful cramps or clumpy discharge, you're okay. If things don't improve, call/see your doc.
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    hi thanks guys, things got worse over the last two day the leeding got much worse, was thick and clotty, back to the gp tomorrow but thanks for the advice guys x

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