My periods have been like clockwork since I was 13.My period has suddenly stopped.I haven't had a period since March 2011.It is very unlikely that I could be pregnant.My partner and I are very careful.Urine test at the Dr office is negative for being pregnant.In April, there was a little brown discharge but for only a half a day.A week after that, I had a clear discharge that lasted for 2 days.In May, NOTHING.I always get that "feeling" like my period is about to start but it never does.What could the problem be? Could this be menopause starting? My mother had regular periods until age 46,then she had to have everything removed due to cancer in the female organs,which stopped her periods.I have no more stress than usual.I have been gaining weight and I feel hungry all the time.I can eat a full meal and 2 hours after that, I feel like I could eat another full meal.I feel so bloated.I am almost 100% positive that I am not pregnant.I am just worried about what the problem really is.The Dr did blood tests and I will find out what the results are in the next week.