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Thread: bad cramps

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    Unhappy bad cramps

    when i do get my period sometimes i get really really bad cramps at a point where i have to hot water and place the wash cloth in it then place it on my belly even if i take advil, usually when i take advil i will be fine, but sometimes it gets so bad i feel like vomiting and i get really sick. is this normal, what can i do when i get cramps like this???

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    I don't know the cure to it, but my college roommate would have cramps so bad that she would cry and just lay in the bed with a heating pad. After going to the gyno her doctor put her on birth control to help it. She don't get them as bad but when she does she takes ibprofren. I had horrible cramps starting out with my last period and she gave me 4 ibprofren and I was cured in a matter of minutes. That's all the info I can give for ya.

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    I too experience horribly painful cramps. Mine are so bad some times that I just roll around on the bed in the fetal position moaning and groaning in agony. They are so bad that I can't do anything!

    I have found that the most important and effective way to manage this pain is by always writing down your start and stop times for your period on a calendar. This way, you know when to expect your pms every month. So when I know that it's a week before my period, I pay close attention to any sensations of possible cramps. As soon as I even THINK that cramps are coming on, I take at least one Advil. The key is to take it BEFORE they start. If the pain increases after 20 minutes, take another Advil.

    If you find that you are already cramping really bad, then immediately take two. You can take up to 6 pills in 24 hours but no more. Two usually works for me. And remember that pills can take up to 20 minutes to take effects so don't over do it with the Advil. Give it time to work.

    I also find that sitting in a hot bath works much better for my cramps then a heating pad. Simply because that entire area is surrounded by heat, rather then one area.

    If you know your period will be starting soon, stay away from caffiene or anything that increases blood flow because it will make your cramps worse.

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    Lightbulb ibuprofen

    You can take up to 4 200mg tabs at one time.
    800 mg is prescription stregnth
    you can take it every 4-6 hours
    no more than 12 in one day
    I work in the medical field (dentistry)
    We reccomend this to patients for mouth pain.
    Try it on a weekend or when you don't have to go somewhere.]
    Take one see how it goes in the next 20-30 minutes
    If still lots pain take another or 2 more.
    You will get to where you know how your body reacts and how many you need to take.
    Be sure if you have any itching or break out in hives- you stop taking and call Dr.(allergic reaction)
    It will also help to have something in your stomach before you take so it doesn't make you nauseous.

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    Default cramptherapy

    you need to try cramptherapy. I have been using it for my last 2 cycles and I don't even worry about pain anymore; it actually works. Its just a band you wear on your leg when the pain begins and in minutes the pain is gone. It lasted for most of the day and then I had to do it again and the pain went away again. This is the first thing that has worked for me becuase my stomach gets irritated from midol. I found it at

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    Ok, so I got my period at 6 PM last night. I felt it coming on about 5 or so. I took a midol at 5:30,then took another midol at 6, then again at 6:30. I had to be at the gym for training at 7 so I did a pretty vigorous workout from 7-9. I also took two advil around 8pm.

    This was probably the first time I've not been in bed with massive cramps. I'm hoping that the key is to take the pain meds right away and to stay on top of it. I know the exercising helped to, they seem to be at bay as long as I'm moving around.

    I'll try it again next month and see.

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    Default Bad Cramps

    I started taking cranberry supplements to naturally stop from getting urinary track infections. Amazingly enough since I started taking them I have not had one painful period. It is a natural way to help. I used to have rolling on the floor cramps. Now it is like another day. Hope this helps

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    Unhappy Unbelieveable Cramps

    Hey Everyone I Juz Turned 18 Aug 30th And I've Had Really Bad Cramps Since The First Time I Got My Period Which Was Bout 10 Or Cramps R So Bad That It Makes Me Vomit I Was Wondering Is This Normal.....and Ive Went To The Doc For Medicine And It Only Works A Little....i Hate My Cramps It Makes Me Miss Days From Skool And Work.....wat Should I Do I Need Help Asap
    The Horror Will B Here Soon...

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    I advise you to seek advice from your Doctor, bad cramps are killers and i was subscribed two pills before they got better...

    It is tough being a woman, also walk 10 minutes a day and drink lots of water that helps too.

    Do we not realise that in order to find a soul
    It doesn't happen over night
    if truth were to be told.

    Like everything in life that's hard to achieve
    you must believe!

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    Unhappy Bad cramps =(

    Im going on 14 now, and ive been having my period for 6-7 yrs (started at the end up 2nd grade) and in the past two years or so my cramps have been getting worse. I had an incident at school last year where I was light headed and i was going back and fourth from cold flashes to hot flashes.

    I just started my period today, and not long after I started it the cramps began, I was moving all over my bed trying to find a comfortable position that would make them subside a little bit long enough for me to go to sleep, cause normally after i can fall asleep they go away. Anyways, again this time I started to get the hot and cold flashes, and the light headedness, then I got nausous and felt like I was going to throw up so I went to the bathroom just incase I did. After that feeling went away I went to walk out of the bathroom and i fell b4 I reached the door. I couldnt move for about 10 minutes. My mom's finace went to go get my Midol and I took it, it helped somewhat but not comepletely, I can still feel the flashes and the cramps and all the other things just not as bad, but enough that I dont want to move.

    I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions on how to make some of the things to stop. Cramps i can deal with somewhat cause I have arthritus so I'm used to having to ignore something like that, but the nausous and flashes and light headedness is hard to ignore.

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