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Thread: 3 months no period then unusual heavy period came..

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    Unhappy 3 months no period then unusual heavy period came..

    Hello! Maybe someone is familiar with my experience... I have had absent period for 3 mos. (since December 2011). Since March 14th I have been passing clots and little brown spotting. Finally my period came on April 3. And until now I still have it. My periods usually are only 3 days long..and although I'm mostly irregular this is the first time I did not have my period for three months.
    I went to doctor and my ultrasound showed polycystic ovaries, and pap smear indicated inflammation but no masses or lesions.
    I am kind of worried that I am still bleeding after 6-7 days and the blood is brighter red... I have no other symptoms though unlike my usual period days (no migraine or breast tenderness, no dysmenorrhea). I am 25 y/old.

    I find it kind of weird that I do not feel anything..hehe..although I do observe that when I wake up there is less blood but when I start to move around and do chores or walk I can feel the bleed..

    Please help and thanks so much in advance. and Happy Easter also!

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    I have had this happen to me already twice in since Sept. 2011. I had ended my period at the end of Sept, then had no period until 12/31. It lasted over a month, and most of it was very heavy bleeding. I saw my OB and he ruled out pre-menopausal and found no physical evidence of anything. Ordered an ultrasound and he believes there may be a cyst in my ovaries (?). Anyways, he reassured by period would end in a few days and explained that me having a heavy period was because I did not have one for 3 months. Mind you, I have never been late (other than when I was pregnant before) and never been late like this. Now I ended my period in early Feb, but yeah, I have not had one since then. My doctor ordered meds to get me to start, but it did not work, so we are looking at surgery in my uterus.

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