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Thread: Thin Period, could either of these have to do with it?

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    Question Thin Period, could either of these have to do with it?

    I am 24 years old and usually have medium to heavy flow periods that last about five days. Now, Im a little worried. I went out of town to visit my boyfriend, strangely enough through a stroke of luck my period was early that month and so I didnt have to deal with it while traveling. While I was there I ended up breaking my arm while bowling ( dont ask ). It was just a fracture along my wrist. I got back home and a few weeks later my period started early again. This was the second month in a row that it was early, however this time it was very thin and only lasted for about three days. The blood was sort of watery, there were no clots, and no cramps. It was not happy with it. The month between then, I have had on and off issues with a discomfort in my abdomen. Its the lower right area, between my belly button and my hip. I have linked it to when I eat or drink certain things, which makes me think that maybe its digestive rather than reproductive organs that are flaring up on occasion. So I have no idea if thats related either. This is the first day of my period again today. Three months in a row they have been in the first week of the month instead of the second .... at this rate I just start to think its just a seasonal shift in my cycle, but... its thin again.

    day one and its all pink.

    I was wondering if there may be any link to the fact that I have had a fractured bone healing. I know that being sick or having lots of stress can effect menstrual flow, does the same go for broken bones?

    Or is there a risk of something more major like pregnancy or a serious problem with my reproductive system, is it possible that the pain in my abdomen might have been ovarian rather than IBS (which my mother has)?

    I just dont know whats going on, and it bothers me.

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    I used to have real heavy bleeding and I would cramp bad, but I got into a wreck and broke my leg. When I got out of the hospital and was recovering I noticed my periods were very light and I would barely cramp at all I do know why but after that wreck my period are all wacked out.. Somtime I would have them and sometime I would not. butwhen I do it is very light.


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