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Thread: Mirena IUD and bleeding

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    Default Mirena IUD and bleeding

    I have had the mirena iud for about 8 months now. I have had my period/been bleeding practically the entire time I have had my iud with the expection of a week or two here and there. I have now been on my period since January. It is extremely heavy. I saw my Dr. for this recently and was prescribed estrogen and a bunch of ibuprofen. However, it seems to be making it worse. This is embarrassing to me and I'm ready to rip my hair out. I just can't take it anymore and considering having the iud removed just to make it stop. Does anybody have any advice on this? Or any helpful tips?

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    Remove it. I had Mirena and hated all of the side effects. The one that bugged me the most was that if I walked to much (like trick or treating my with kids) I would start cramping and bleeding. I never had my period though. Ur if I walked too much I could feel it starting to hurt and I'd bleed. Or If I did too much work. Like when I would spend a day cleaning the house, like really really cleaning it, I would bleed. When I had my docs appt it was after Halloween and she saw that my cervix was inflamed and bleeding. She went ahead and ripped the sucker out.
    The funny part was that before the doctors appt I told my hubby 'watch.. Pretty soon there's going to be commercials recalling Mirena bc they didn't research it enough and see all of the bad crap it does to women. Just like Yaz'. Sure enough!!!! Three days later I saw my first lawsuit commercial for Mirena complications. (also caused a miscarriage for me. Wonder if I should call for all the crap it put me through. Hmmm) I was screaming 'look look look!!! I told you it'd happen!!'
    From someone who had Mirena, here's my advice. Call your doctor and schedule and appy to remove it. They will try to tell you 'it doesn't have side effects' or 'it's not the Mirena its this other issue' BS. No side effects? So those commercials are for what then? Make her remove it. Say if she doesn't, you will. And if you do, cough and pull it straight out. I've been on many websites and seen people pulling their own out. O.O I couldn't do it though. Too scared I'd mess something up. You'll bleed a bit afterwards but sounds like youre always bleeding so it won't matter. good luck!

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