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Thread: agressive mood swings

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    Default agressive mood swings

    When I have my period I get easily irritated and feel myself snap at the slightest thing. I feel quite aggressive in my reactions to things. Normally I am a very calm person and I shock myself at how majorly I change during this time. It only lasts for a day or two. I know PMS causes moods like this to happen before a period but does it also affect moods during them?

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    Default Post Menstrual Mood Swings

    I just ended my period two days ago. And I feel anxious and strange and moody very irritable and upset. Is it normal to feel this way after your period? I typically feel this way before. I'm 36 and had an ectopic pregnancy back in August.

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    Each time we become pregnant , even in cases we do not carry full term. Our hormones change, and this is what it sounds like. After my daughter i had some changes , went through depression and had anxiety. I got pregnant again , and that pregnancy did not go through, i started feeling much different mood swings, ect i think it is the shift in hormones. I went back on birth control and for the most I am feeling better with just some moodiness the week before and part of the week i am on my period.


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