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Thread: If you drink vinegar would this stop your period?

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    Default If you drink vinegar would this stop your period?

    I heard and read a few places that drinking apple cider vinegar would slow down heavy periods and also shorten the days of your period. Has anyone tried this. Does it really work. How much do you need to drink.

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    wow really.. i would like to hear about this

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    Not if you have a medical condition. I heard of this two.

    I had been drinking it for alomst three months and no change. If anything it seem to make it worse, and i used the Organic Apple Cidar Vinegar.

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    Lightbulb my experience

    i DO believe that vinegar slows down or stops your period while you're on it because of my experience. last month while i was on my period, my friend fixed up a salad for us and instead of putting salad dressing, she put vinegar on the salad. i was on my second day of my period and a couple of hours later my period completely stopped, which is very odd because my period usually lasts 5-7 days. Now i am actually on my period for this month and i guess because of last month this time my period is heavier and my cramping is worse than usual. Maybe it doesn't happen to everyone and I've been seeing that a lot of people are mentioning apple cider vinegar, well i don't know if that works but the vinegar on my salad was just the heinz brand distilled white vinegar for food. I don' advice anyone to try it though because you may never know the consequences and what it could do wrong for your body.


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