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Thread: Can having flu make your period late?

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    Arrow Can having flu make your period late?


    I have had intercourse using the 'pull-out' method, which I know is not safe. My period is now 7 days late, and I am slightly worried. I had the flu about 3 and a half weeks ago, which lasted for about a week. I am told that it can cause your period to be delayed, but then others tell me viral infections wont make your period late. I have taken 3 pregnancy test, one about 3 days ago, 1 yesterday and one this morning, which all came back negative. I know its pretty common for your period to be late, but mine is ALWAYS on time. Well my real questions is can flu make your period late and if so, how late would it be (eg, up to 2 weeks late, or a coupl of days?)

    Sorry so confusing! xx

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    there is a possibility when ur body is going through change but not necessarily a flu. your period probably is a little late dont worry thats normal. but you are stressing it there you said it. you took 3 p tests so youre worried stress holds it off so be easy. next time be more careful. i had unprotected sex but this guy is a pro. i stressed it and took one p test was negative, my period was four weeks late just for stressing it. over being pregnant or not. ur okay just under a little stress thats all.


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