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Thread: period 3 weeks late, 44 years old and not pregnant

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    Default period 3 weeks late, 44 years old and not pregnant

    I am 44 years old and for the last 5 -6 years, have had regular periods, I have not been taking bcp therefore periods very regular 30/31 days every month. I am not pregnant as I have carried out a test and don't think I have had any symptoms for the menopause - have recently had family holiday, which was stressful arranging but now home and still nothing, around the time that my period was due I did have the usual aching in my tummy and thought that it would come any day, - but no -any thoughts,

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    Well, it could be irregular from the stress. That is VERY common. It could also be that you are nearing the beginning of menopause. Did you take a test from the store or did your doctor give you a test? The store tests are not always accurate. There can also be other underlying health conditions which cause irregular periods. If your preiod does not show up soon, then the best thing to do would be to see a gynecologist.

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    Default 44 and also not pregnant

    I totally feel your pain. I too am 44 and haven't had a period since the end of July/1st of August. My husband left for Afghanistan right round the middle of August. I have other symptoms also...all but the most common ones. I have these mini hot flashes that last about 20 seconds, I'm gaining weight like a crazy person (I exercise every day and I'm not a big eater), I go to the bathroom a lot and not just peeing, and I have these moments of dizziness and I'm thirsty all the time. I took a pregnancy test I bought from the pharmacy and it was negative. So I'm guessing I'm going through the Change or something. I'm a bit disappointed because I've never been pregnant and would love to have a child. But I guess it's just not going to happen and I still get to have all the side effects.

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    I had a friend that was 39 and was 4 months pregnant and thought she wasn't having hers because of stress. Boy was she surprised.
    You might want to go see a doctor and get his/her opinion.


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