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Thread: my boyfriend has depression and hypomania disorder...what can I do?

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    Default my boyfriend has depression and hypomania disorder...what can I do?

    He means the world to me, and recently confessed that his medical records states that he has a mild case of depression as well as hypomania disorder. I am very sad to hear this, because oftentimes he likes to stay up late ( I have to get up early for work) and talk about his problems but I just can't do it when he wants me to. I'm having problems with my widowed mother ( I'm an only child, 22, college senior, working on moving into my own apartment)..we just don't get along and my boyfriend is such a sweetheart and helps me through it. I just want to be there for him, but now that I'm aware of these problems I just don't know what to do or say. He wants to take the steps to get proffessional help, but I also want to be a source of help for him...and I'm just so confused, I'm in love with him and I don't want us to break up because he feels I"m no help to his problems. He has money problems as well as problems with friends but I never judge him or put him down.

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    Mania and depression are two sides of the same diseases such as no rain would not appreciated the sun, so even without the hardships they would not be happy sweet as they are. Changes in mood, our inner world are richer for a wide range of thoughts, feelings and reactions, but what to do when they outgrow the disease?
    This illness is called bipolar disorder, popularly known as the manic depression, is the symptoms of her life to many patients, often suffering. The disease is characterized by changes manic and depressive phases, and affects about 1 percent of the population, both men and women. It was not possible to cure, but symptoms can be much milder.
    The two most successful strategies for living with this mental illness are working with psycho-therapist and finding appropriate medication therapy. Although the affected person often appears to lose, or have no control over their lives, experts sincerely greeted by the self-control can still do a lot to make it easier life. "Even though among them there are huge differences, bipolar disorder can be controlled like diabetes," said Ken Duckwood, assistant in the department of psychiatry at Harvard University. Most important, he says, appreciate their situation. If the person ignores it, said, the consequences can be fatal. Duckwood Ken has compiled guidelines for quality of life of people with bipolar disorder.

    I just wrote post about it, you can check on it. Also, check on:

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    Take care,
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    sorry didn't tell you about this one. Also, brilliant book to help you out:

    The Bipolar Relationship: How to Understand, Help and Love Your Partner.

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    This one I would suggest first.

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    hypomania is a less severe form of true mania like you'd get in bipolar disorder.
    it can be treated with drugs but ALSO with therapy and learning how to cope with it since you dont get the break with reality that you do with true mania.
    sadly money problems come with the territory, part of the manic side of things is excessive spending.

    he's...not lucky per se, but at least fortunate that this is something that **he** can learn to control with the proper professional help.
    the first step i think would be to take him to his GP who should refer him to the mental health team where you are.
    presumably he was with a psychiatrist in order from them to formally diagnose him? why did he stop?

    its sounds like you're an ideal girlfriend. pretty much all you can do is support him and encourage him to get some real professional help.
    but at the same time you need to have boundries...i've been guilty in the past of taking the mick out of people who are trying to support me because, sadly, its very easy - you say that you need to talk at 2am and thats just not reasonable when the person supporting you has to get up for work in the morning.
    you need to try and find a balance between supporting him and looking after yourself.

    hypomanic disorder and cyclothymia are different to true bipolar disorder.

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