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Thread: 5 year old daughter has hair on her legs

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    Default 5 year old daughter has hair on her legs

    My five year old daughter has had hair growing on her legs since she was probably 4. her doctor said that she is fine and most other young kids are starting to grow hair on their legs young. She says shes just probably what you say "hairy". The hair is very fine and cant be seen until you are right on it. But just trying to see if anyone else kids have this going on.

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    i did when i was five!

    dont let her start shaving until she's a LOT older (not that i think you would!)
    because i started shaving my legs when i was about nine i think? and its been a looooong battle ever since!
    although has become better since i discovered epilating.

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    Yes it is perfectly normal! DO NOT shave it or let her feel that she is different
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    My sister and I both had light hair on our legs from too early for me to remember. It turned dark around 5-6th grade.

    For the record shaving does not change the hair. The fact you shaved early does not have any impact on what you have to do to shave now. Shavings only seems to make hair thicker because long hair normally has the tip broken so it's thinner. Shaving takes that tip off so the hair coming out is as thick as the base until it has grown long enough to break. Hair will also continue to get thicker and longer through puberty so you may end up with different hair than when you first started shaving but it would have gotten there eventually anyway.

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    Thanks guys, I feel better knowing that it is much normal than I thought

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