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    Default Bright Green Poop

    My 1 yr old is having this bright green poop. He's having quite a few dirty diapers in one day. They arent that typical dark green poop you normally see. This stuff is bright like a green crayon. When I try to wipe if off of his butt, it doesnt come off. Almost as if its dying his butt green too! My 2 yr old had the same thing but his has kind of cleared up and gone back to normal. Its turning darker and more solid, closer to being back to his normal poop.
    When I first saw the bright green poop I freaked out. Its been like this for a couple days now. I did read on some other forums where the mothers say that fruit loops, fruity pebbles, or purple juices will turn a kids poop green. Is that true? I DID buy some generic fruit loops and they have been eating them. Could the fruit loops really change their poop to bright green? Any other mother has this problem? Its kind of alarming, because Ive never seen bright green poop.

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    Fruit Loops, yep, that will give any child the kaleidoscope of poop. Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, etc. Take away those foods for a few days and he will be back to normal, as far as the crayola of poop goes.

    My first thought when I read the title of this, was, what cereal is he eating, lol. Thankfully my kids developed a love of Cheerios and Kix early on, lol.
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    I cant believe cereal could make such a difference... and i mean SUCH A DIFFERENCE in poop color. I was really worried. My 2 yr old finished up the Fruit Loops this morning. I wont be buying those anymore. I'll try the Kix. Im sure theyll like them too. Thank you for reassuring me that everything is ok. Hah, I was worried!

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    when this happened to my sons (happened to both of them) my doctor advised me that things were just moving quickly through their digestive system, and the "brown" that is the norm comes from the fermenting process. the brighter the green, the quicker things are moving! no need to worry, just try to slow the digestive system down a bit - maybe feed him some cheese!
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    Food dyes can cause some serious reactions in some children and adults. Children under 2 yrs really shouldn't be given cow dairy products. And its good if things are moving along in the digestive track. Most Americans at least have very slow digestive systems.

    Back off the dyed, sugary stuff and get some at least a bit healthier stuff like Cheerios. This may sound strange but my daughter used to love to munch on raw cabbage. She's an honors college student now and very healthy, so maybe cabbage did the trick.
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    I was wondering why poop turns green and decided to surf the web. found green poop and this forum. glad it is probably due to the food dye that causes the poop to turn color.
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