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Thread: What happens if you dont eat breakfast?

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    Default What happens if you dont eat breakfast?

    I have this Health project and its due in a week..It says tha we have to write what happens if you dont eat Breakfast and why breakfast is important.

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    Hey Michael,

    This generally is a forum with questions to help "self" not a survey . and mostly those are not accepted however, your question isn't personal therefore I'll answer, it's important because of energy, it gives you energy if you don't eat breakfast you wilter by lunch time, and can't focus, that is why it's important to eat breakfast but again, not bacon and eggs, something healthy that will sustain you for a few hours...

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    Breakfast actually kick starts your metabolism. If you do not eat breakfast, your metabolism is running slow and thinks that your body is starving, so the next time you eat, its going to take any fat that is in your food and store it (as like a backup stash). Breakfast is very important.

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    We all know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day and skipping it won’t do you any favours. Let’s put it this way- your body stores glucose in your blood. This ends up in your liver and the liver, in turn, releases it as energy throughout the day in the form of glycogen. If you don’t eat breakfast, your body will run out of glycogen by mid morning, which means no energy is released. This will cause you to be tired and lethargic and you will have a hard time concentrating for the rest of the day.
    There are chances that you will overeat in the next meal which will eventually cause weight gain.
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    I would like to add to Niamshe, that the brain relies on glucose as the only form of fuel to power all the brain activites. As brain cells cannot store glucose, it relies on the blood to supply glucose continuously. When there is a dip in blood glucose, the brain cells cannot function and you will lose focus. Therefore, it is important not just to eat breakfast, but to eat a proper breakfast of complex carbohydrate and protein which will provide a constant supply of glucose in the blood.
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    OP banned for spamming.

    Thread closed.
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