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Thread: Hunter/Farmer DR OZ Diet

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    Default Hunter/Farmer DR OZ Diet

    Did anyone catch the DR. Oz where they were talking about the Hunter/Farmer diet?
    I've figured myself to be a hunter.. for sure.
    It says to skip breakfast and eat 1 or 2 bigger meals and to not "snack" like they have recommended to do in the past..
    Any thoughts on this? Anyone try this? It's for the belly fat girls And i'm going to give it a go.. just to see what happens.

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    I watched Dr. Oz yesterday and saw this. I am the big butt type, aka farmer. I am going to try this diet and see how it goes. I haven't found any reviews or information about this diet so it will be interesting to see how it goes! Good luck!

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    Hmmm... I'm curious to see how your bodies react to that.

    I've actually seen the biggest changes in my body when I have 4 smaller meals a day. I'm not sure about all the science stuff but I can only speak from my personal experiences. Not to mention, it helps me not over eat since I eat more frequently.

    Report back with your progress!

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