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Thread: sex and pregnancy ?

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    Default sex and pregnancy ?

    Can we have doggie style in pregnancy ? is it safe ? Anything to be cautious, as my wife is 5 weeks pregnant now ?

    Thanks in advance !

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    I'm pretty sure you're ok. You can't hurt the baby, from what i've read, but then I'm no expert on it. Lol my fiance and I are still kinda wondering about it all. I'm about the same as your wife, so I'd like to know too.

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    Default Doggy....

    Doggy style was actually one of the positions that is most comfortable for me both pregnancys, I'm currently 33 weeks and it's one of the few that still work lol..Actually I just looked in my baby book and it's one of the postions they say work best during pregnancy, the also include spooning, sitting on your partners lap kneeling with him behind, and woman on top. Needless to say if your feel pain in any way stop! Your O.B should tell you as your pregnancy progresses whether or not sex is safe in your situation. But for now enjoy the ability to change postions lol.. Good Luck!

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    When I was pregnant the only thing my midwife told us not to do was blowing air into the vagina. (not that that ever happened anyway) "doggy" style was my favorite durring pregnancy.

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