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Thread: Umbilical Cord Mistaken for a Penis?

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    Question Umbilical Cord Mistaken for a Penis?

    Hey Ladies,
    I was wondering if I could Get a few opinions and/or experiences on if anyone has hurd of the Umbilical cord being mistaken for a little penis on a Ultrasound? I'm asking because my doctor claims we are having a boy, but I have hurd many stories where the cord was mistaken for the penis, and I just dont feel right about his judgement! Don't get me wrong if we are having a little boy that is totally ok, but I just truly felt like we are having a girl. I was just wondering if this has happend to any of you before and how likely it is?! I only get ONE ultrasound my whole pregnancy which is why im asking cause i wont get another one!
    Thanks Ladies

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    That must be difficult for you to "wonder".

    I have heard of it, but very, very rare and probably not early in the pregnancy, being mistaken.

    Could you not afford maybe to pay for another one later?

    Or, ask them to have another look at the picture and assure you?

    Do we not realise that in order to find a soul
    It doesn't happen over night
    if truth were to be told.

    Like everything in life that's hard to achieve
    you must believe!

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