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Thread: what are my odds of being pregnant w/twins again?

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    Question what are my odds of being pregnant w/twins again?

    well i know its more of a question to ask my gyno but i was wondering if any of u have any info.... well i was pregnant with twins 6 months ago and well the pregnancy didn't carry out healthy. i had a miscarriage at my 13 weeks. i know that i can become pregnant after a miscarriage but i want to know if i can become pregnant w/twins again... here are some stats on me... i am an identical twins myself... there are 3 other pairs in my family and 1 pair in my hubby's side.

    i don't knwo if this info helps but what can u ladies tell me? any hope for me to have my twins someday?

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    Hmm... I really don't know anything about this. Sorry to say. You sure seem to have a high chance of it happening though with all the twins in the family. That's amazing! Maybe someone else knows? Let us know if you hear something somewhere else.

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    Default Pregnant with twins

    I'm no doctor, but I am pregnant with twins and I have read a TON of material about twins. What I've read is, while being an identical twin yourself has not been proven to be a factor in whether or not you will conceive twins, actually conceiving FRATERNAL twins is a factor. If fraternal twins run in your family ( not your husbands family, its all about eggs here ) you are more likely to conceive twins. If you have conceived fraternal twins before, then you are 4 to 5 times more likely to conceive twins again. For example, my great grandmother gave birth to 3 sets of twins. So if you were pregnant with fraternal twins before, you could conceive twins again. Good Luck!

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    I get on another board and one of the ladies has 2 sets of twins. It can happen. Wish you the best.

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    Red face Pregnant w/ twins again

    Well, I am a witness of having twins a second time. My twin boys are 19 mths and I am now pregnant w/ twins I'm 4 mths. My mom is a twin and her mom had another set of twins so that's where both sets came from. And you would never believe that I lost a set of twins b4 I had my first set. So it is possible for this to happen.

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