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Thread: my boyfriend pushes me away

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    Unhappy my boyfriend pushes me away

    Hi!I'm 25 and I'm unhappy how things between us go right now.My boyfriend and me are dating for 2 years now.Since almost a year we are living together.Things went well between us untill 1month ago.He always comes home later than he used too.I know he's with his buddies drinking.That's okay but it was almost every day.I don't mind it once or twice a week.I don't think he's cheating because I can call him and he picks up and I hear his friends in the back.He said all this would stop when he's on vacation.He said we'd do stuff together and have lots of sex.Now almost 2 weeks a passed and we had sex once.Ok,I had my period but all he does is sit in front of his computer all day.He only gets up to eat or go to the bathroom.when I try to sex him up he pushes me away.He says he is not in the mood.He wants time alone.I try to talk to him but he seems so annoyed when he sees me.He told me he loves me but why does he want to go out or just stay at home and do kinky stuff.I feel like an idiot and that I'm not turning him on at all.Ifeel like I didn't have to take days off from work at all.I just sit in the bedroom and try not to let this hurt me so much.

    Uhhh, that feelt good letting it out.

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    sounds like to me he's wanting to move on. going out all the time drinking. I can see him doing this but not everyday. I hate to say it but I would honestly thing about what you want from him and talk. Just be prepared that this may give him his chance to end things. It just seems like to me he wants to leave but doesnt know how

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    He hasn't been drinking for a while.Wich is good.I don't know if he wants to end things.He has mentioned he wants to marry me and that he really loves me.I think sometimes I do too much.I really love him and I never felt like this before.It would really break my heart if he would leave me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beautiful View Post
    now all he does is sit in front of his computer all day.He only gets up to eat or go to the bathroom.when I try to sex him up he pushes me away.He says he is not in the mood.He wants time alone.
    Sounds like he's depressed about something. Has anything bad happened to him recently? Problems at work?

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    It's only a month ago that things went wrong, and in-between that naturally you had your periods so you can't count the non sex there.

    What is he looking at on the computer?

    Are you seriously being in-secure?

    Do you make a big deel about the sex whereby he doesn't want to, instead of it being spontaneous and fun.

    Are you compatible sexually?

    Do you go out? Or, is it that you stay home and play the wife and he still likes having that bachelor feeling because he's not married.

    Re-evaluate the first year to the second year. Most times the answer is right in-front of you.

    Most times when girlfriend and boyfriend live together, it's too soon and mostly, women tend to automatically become their mothers, tending to housework, cooking, cleaning, expecting the man to be home, etc, etc, acting like a wife. This is the last thing a guy wants who is not married, he still wants the girlfriend and the understanding of this, the fun and the excitement not a Mother figure or Wife.

    And, if you don't go out, start doing so. Don't lose your independence because you have a man living with you, you need to have a life outside of this and he needs to see that your independent not dependent on him.


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