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Thread: How much do women really care about mans hair styles?

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    Question How much do women really care about mans hair styles?

    Long story short I have long hair it’s not rock star long or sitting on my shoulders but it’s long the back is to my neck which (I like I think I look better in long hair). My girlfriend says she likes men with sort hair almost military style and that simply is not going to happen. I’ve surged off her comments and criticisms for awhile jokingly by saying things like. (Since I don’t have love handles you need something to grab on to) but it’s getting worse.

    Recently we had a big fight I don’t know if she’s PMSing or what but she started throwing insults at me saying nobody finds long hair on guys attractive anymore and told me that if I didn’t cut my hair I was going to wake up bald to which I replied “try it and you’d be waking up bald the next day” and she comes back and says "If I did that I wouldn’t be waking up at all." One thing led to another and I literally had to force clippers from her hand and she accidently groined me……. She apologized after but that didn’t help I’m actually afraid if we did live together I would wake up bald.

    Honestly do most women really care about their mans hair style this much? I really don’t see why it’s such a big issue I’m smart, fit, IMO pretty good looking, I’m above average in the pants department, I eat healthy, I workout how bad could it be that I have long hair? Especially since she met me with longer hair I don't get the problem I haven’t had short hair since high school. However with that said it’s not like I’m out of her league she’s attractive, health and fit as well so is she over reacting or am I just being a about it?

    Sorry first post seems more like a vent post.
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    I think everyone has preferences, but I don't think a persons preference should take anything away from who that person actually is (does that make sense, lol). If it's to the point where it's bothering one person in the relationship enough that they feel the need to verbally (or physically) jab the other person, well, IMO, it's kind of shallow and I probably wouldn't waste my time any longer in the relationship. There are plenty of other women out there who would like you, long hair and all.

    Personally, I prefer a shaved head, not Mr Clean style, but #1 or #2 on the clippers. But, my hubby did go through a period where his hair was all one length and to his shoulders, I could have cared less, I didn't and don't love him for his hair, I love him for the person he is.
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    I personally prefer very very short/military style/ shaved/ bald. But women vary on what they like just as much as men do. Its all personal preference I know some women go crazy for guys with long hair. Just like how some men love women with curls, some have to have a girl with long hair, for some its redheads, etc.

    But I don't know, I don't think its fair to be asked to change something about yourself that you've been since you've met. It would be different if you changed it after ... of course its still yoru body and you've every right to change it... but I could see her having more of a leg to stand on as far as telling you she is more attracted to short hair and you actually had short hair to begin with.

    It would be like you if she was brunette and you demanding now, months, years later after falling in love that she become a blonde because you are only attracted to blondes... sort of unfair and hurtful. Now if she was blonde before, and went brunette and you said honey i was more attracted to the hair I met you in... while it would be her decision to keep it... your point would carry more weight as far as it being what attracts you.

    But on the other hand..... do you love her? Do you love her finding you sexy and attractive? If she's your main squeeze... you'd think you want to be attractive to her if you could.

    One time my bf joked about doing something to his facial hair and me saying he'd get way less action out of me... I was kidding of course. Months later he was saying he almost did the thing he had mentioned before but remembered what i said and realized it would be so counter productive to make himself LESS attractive to me lol. I told him I'd love him either way... but I am very happy he took my idea of sexy on in into consideration.

    If a woman knows her man loves long hair, and gets a milliary Gi Jane cut... he would probably not be so happy about it... and if she knew he would find her less attractive and did it anyway... his attraction to her is not real high on her list of concerns.

    I believe you should love the person inside, not on the out... but if being her sexy dream guy is a haircut away I'd lean towards that. For sure.
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    IMO ..
    learned a new text thingy, Thanks CW % others ..

    Hairstyles are no different than Race/Color/Creed/ Weight/ Eye or Hair color
    But ....When it comes to people in General. Children included.

    Most people have a preference of what attracts them when it comes to the Physical "looks" of a person.
    Though, what constitutes a true Love is what is Inside the person. The Heart, the Mind, The Soul, The Morals, The Behavior.

    Take the fact that a couple can be married for say 20 plus years.. Their looks will change,they gain or lose weight, their hair grows grey, They may need glasses or have to take meds or become ill...

    Is that the Person they "Fell in Love with" 20 years ago ?

    If a mans hair greys or balds, a womans hair is long or short or thins or greys.
    If their bodies change from age or having kids or lack of exercise or Illness .. Will you or can you Love them less than the day you met them and felt that attraction is that that Love, that Desire to Love and be together ?

    My Advise is look to the 20 year Mark.. Can you see yourself 20 years from Now with the same person. Can you see and are you aware of the Changes that will come with both of you in those 20 years ?

    If your length of hair bothers her now.. And you are arguing about it now, with threats of going Bald or being " Shaved" while you are sleeping.. You both have an issue that cannot be solved easily.

    So here's a few options.

    1) Hair ?????

    Each of you chose a color or length that you prefer each other with.. One that turns You on, One that Turns her on. ****** Paper Fold up ******
    Then put both of your preference's in a hat/jar/box...

    ...Make sure to label the F ( female preference) M (male preference).. See how close they are to the others " Turn me On" Preferences..

    Then Toss in a " Stay as we are " and a " I'll see if I can change a small thing for you "

    Last thing in the Hat or Jar.. is a 20 year Anniversary Certification.. or a bunch of Grandkids that ask you why your hair looks like that ??

    Is a " We will both Compromise or this .... we will both have exactly the same hair that We chose for Ourselves and what we feel Comfortable with, feel we are Productive and Sexy with ( to anyone or others / Job requirements)..

    2) Wow.. Life changes.. Hair grows, gets cut , hair color Changes.. .. It gets longer or shorter, " are those my Kids ?"

    They have a different hair color , eye color ? Hmm...
    oops that is the face of their Grand Ma ~Pa ?
    Seriously. You need to be Comfortable in YOUR own. Who you Are. No Matter where you are.

    So go research guys that she thinks has a "sexy" haircut. Then look at women that you tkink are sexy. ( Haircuts and Colors)..

    3) Go get the girl that you can imagine spending the nest 20 years with.. When your hair is long , short or gone.. When you have kids or parents or family that is or can be a judged by your sex or what you feel comfortable with..

    4) Hey hun, It's only 20 years. Is it worth being YOU now.. Or is it worth.. ??
    Changing for yourself or for your Future ?

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    sounds like there are a lot more issues than just hair.

    I prefer my husbands hair short, not buzzed but not more than a few inches long. He prefers it longer. I do not like it and admit I do not find it as attractive but... it is his choice and I still love him. I tend to keep my hair longer because he prefers it but I did cut it just above my shoulders last summer. He wasn't crazy about it but he didn't divorce me or threaten me either. It's just hair...
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    My boyfriend has a really bad recieding hair line, and i mean real bad considering most men don't get it until their alot older than he is. This doesn't bother me because i find other things on him attractive and simply just like and love him for who he is. We argue alot less than average people in my opinion (about once every two weeks) but it's always over stupid stuff then it turns nasty, nomatter how bad we argue i try my hardest and have so far succeded in keeping he's appearance out of it. I have only just got him to go swimming with me as he refused because of he's hair. I think that your argument has gone past the ridiculous line, no offence.
    Maybe it can be easily sorted if the insults are cut out?
    Just an opinion


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