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love x

  • Missed period - worried Iím pregnant. Is it possible?

    Iím really worried I may be pregnant. Iíve had a missed period this month (it was due around 8-10th). Iíve never tracked my period as itís very irregular,...
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  • Nunya_Bee
    started a topic Married...with a Crush

    Married...with a Crush

    I'm in my mid-to-late twenties and have been with the same guy for over seven years. We dated for less than a year before deciding to run away and elope....
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  • Rebecca_93
    started a topic Will he he forgive me for my misstep?

    Will he he forgive me for my misstep?


    I met this awesome guy three years ago. We dated after we met at church camp where he was volunteering. After camp we met a couple of...
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  • macalele
    started a topic Maca Root - is it too good to be true?

    Maca Root - is it too good to be true?

    as someone not stick thin but not chubby, iíve always had the teeniest bit of tummy pudge that i wish i could move into my butt or my boobs. iíve read...
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  • Ariesgoddess79
    started a topic Sexual Frustration in Relationship
    in Sex

    Sexual Frustration in Relationship

    Hello ladies,

    I am brand new to this but am desperately seeking some insightful advice.
    My boyfriend and I have not been together...
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  • success777
    started a topic Hello everyone

    Hello everyone

    I decided to join because I share a lot of needed infromation on my blogs and articles concerning women issues that we all can relate to. Thanks suc...
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  • CobaltRose
    started a topic Boyfriend can't finish during sex... is it me? :(
    in Sex

    Boyfriend can't finish during sex... is it me? :(

    This might get a bit TMI, but hey, this is a forum about sex so whaddya expect?
    Hi everyone. I never thought I'd post about something so personal,...
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  • Mevlana
    started a topic A gift to your husband

    A gift to your husband

    A nice t-shirt with kids name on it,
    here's the link, Teezily is a custom apparel platform.

    Thank you for your support , it means a...
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  • Difference Between Maternity Bra VS Nursing Bra?

    Bra fitting for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.
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  • rhutes
    started a topic 6 weeks update

    6 weeks update

    Hello everyone! Hereís my 6 weeks update!

    Itíll be short as I do not want to spoil anything, So, ok, previously my hcg levels showed a very...
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  • Cloudy
    started a topic First time reading eroticism advice?
    in Sex

    First time reading eroticism advice?

    Hey everyone this is my first time posting, I'm just wondering if anyone can tell me if this is normal? I was reading an erotic novel the other day and...
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  • SMarie
    started a topic Confused and in love?

    Confused and in love?

    My husband and I have decided to open our marriage(this was my idea) it is not to say we will just have sex with anyone. It's more emotional for me. Recently...
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  • BON Cloud
    started a topic Have your questions/concerns answered!

    Have your questions/concerns answered!

    Hi everyone! Do you have concerns about daily life, no matter itís education, or money, or inequality, or anxiety about the future, and have noway...
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  • mamonzur
    started a topic How to vagina tight naturally?
    in Sex

    How to vagina tight naturally?

    When child birth the vagina is loose. During sex with Partner fell loose my vagina. Have any advice?
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  • ckriak97
    started a topic Women empowering Women

    Women empowering Women

    Hi, my name is Carly, I am 19 years old and I am the new Director of Development at the American Cancer Fund. 4 years ago I lost my best friend and love...
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  • Dark_Crazy_Lover
    started a topic 30 but still doesn't want sex
    in Sex

    30 but still doesn't want sex

    Hi, my boyfriend and I are very serious in this relationship. He is 30 and I am 21. We plan to get married in about 5 years. And we won't have sex until...
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  • NinthCaller
    started a topic Wife is watching porn?
    in Sex

    Wife is watching porn?

    Hello everyone. My first post here and I'm looking forward to reading your thoughts.

    My wife and I have been married for 22 years. I'm 56...
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  • Friendships, Beginnings and Endings

    in Home

    Friendships, Beginnings and Endings

    In a few weeks, Iíll be 45 years old. Over those years, Iíve learned quite a few lessons on friendship. Some painful, most beautiful, all worth passing along.

    For the most part, I have been blessed with some very good friends who I know will stand by me till the end. These are my true friends. I know this because Iíve reached the ďendĒ on a few occasions and those folk have had my back. These are the same people who have stood by when Iíve decided to fly off in different directions...
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  • The Problem With Love IsÖ

    in Home

    The Problem With Love IsÖ

    Iíve only ever been in two relationships in my life: Charlie* was my on-again-off-again boyfriend of two years and Jason* was my friend of four years before he became my boyfriend of nine months. Iím 21 and Iím actually proud that, while I have dated a few guys, Iíve only ever had two boyfriends. While I invested a lot of time in those relationships, I didnít really invest my heart. I broke up with both of those guys for the very same reason: I was just not that into them. Neither guy was someone...
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  • Love and Itís Representatives

    in Home

    Love and Itís Representatives

    Love is quite a strange emotion. In the fairy tales, love is usually represented by a petite, long-haired heroine being wooed and rescued by a dude on a white horse, with sweet words and actions. They ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after. Fairytales. Weíd all like to live in one, but how many times does it really happen?

    Real life:

    Your man probably wonít come up on a galloping stallion. Your hair (the pixie cut, the bob or the ponytail) is probably...
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