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Thread: Is this a normal sex drive for a 48 year old male?

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    I am 52, and been married for years. Desire is a different now. Essentially once a day is fine, but given some encourgement, twice a night is very nice. Really, if I were you I would be more worried about whether or not he really likes kissing. but at some point you just need to dive in.

    I am more concerned by this direction of the thread:
    "Frankly, I'm a little puzzled by the eating habits, working out, and weight"

    Does he have any issues with his body? Because if you are worried about his weight and he isn't- at 48 he isn't likely to be changing his habits to accomodate you.

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    Oh, no! He REALLY likes kissing, and he does it beyond well! So far that is all that is pretty much all that I have allowed to happen, which is quite unusual for me!! (well, I did eventually allow him to touch my breasts a little bit yesterday!). I am tapping into every possible ounce of restraint that I can, and he is driving me over the top INSANE! This not my normal M.O., but completely new territory for me (and I like it!!). No, don't want to just jump into bed with this one, and then chew him up, spit him out, and be done with him!

    As for his eating habits, I am thinking he just doesn't consume enough calories and/or not enough protein for the amount he is working out (5 - 6 days per week; cardio and a bit of weights.). He had a mild heart attack 6 years ago at 42, and that is where he changed his eating habits (no more beef or fatty meat) and started all the cardio work. No, he does not have body issues. He does want to lose weight, is eating low carbs, but like I said, I think just not enough. The body ends up going into starvation mode and holding on to the body fat if not fed enough calories.

    He has also mentioned eating soy products in the past. Of course, there are estrogen issues with soy. He has since discontinued the soy, but I don't think he had hormone tests. Don't know that he'd need to?

    Was mainly curious about the sex drive, knowing that high BP can effect function.

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