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Thread: pain in doggy position

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    Default pain in doggy position

    my husband loves have sex in doggy position....but I never enjoyed...always painful....pain in abdomen or pain feeling deep husband is ready not to ask this position...but as he is already cooperating with me and not insisting for oral or anal sex (which I hate...)......i personally want to make him more happy and enjoyable his this sexual desire......

    please if anybody can tell me what i would do that there could be no pain during doggy position??

    should i put pillow down my belly some where or any advice?????

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    Having sex in this position allows for deeper penetration, which is probably where the pain is coming from. The deeper the penetration, the more apt he is to be hitting your cervix, which is not pleasant. Have you tried the position with not so deep strokes, more shallow penetration?
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    Does your husband like many positions for sex or does he want mainly or exclusively doggy style?

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    I have had this problem as well but it's random. I don't know if it's to do with what time of the month it may be when ovaries may be more sensitive perhaps, or even how full your bowels are. As others have said, this position allows for the deepest penetration and if he's 'long' then that's your problem. I hve had enourmous pleasure in this position (mindblowing) but also have had to stop on other occasions b/c of the pain. Don't you love mother nature?

    If it's something that is always present then he'll just have to find other positions that will become his favourite.

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    This position has never worked out for my wife and I. I'm about average size, but she still finds it painful. I tthink it just depends on how you and your partner are built. You can try several variations of doggy and one may work. e.g. on all fours, on your knees with your head on the bed, lying flat on your tummy, feet on floor with torso on the bed & man standing behind, etc.

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