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Thread: Sex has become sore for my girlfriend, stomach pains

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    Default Sex has become sore for my girlfriend, stomach pains

    hi there - i thought i would come on here and ask for a little advice. my girlfriend and I have been together for a year and sex has always been fine until about the last 5-6 weeks where she has been feeling really sore, only sometimes though whilst doing it.

    last monday she complained to me about having stomach pains one afternoon, and they got worse but she just went along with them as she was due for time of the month and thought it was that building up, but they came and have gone on sunday but the sore pain has been floating around since last monday - it comes and goes, but today she mentioned after she had been to the toilet there was a tiny little particle of blood that had came out too and has been a similar for the past few days but she thought it was just the end of her cycle.

    can anyone advise me on what might be going on with her? i'm very scared and don't know what to do - she has phoned the doctors but they can't see her until saturday afternoon.

    i hope someone can help me.

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    forgot to mention I am 20 and she is 18, incase that helps any.

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    Was there any period of time that you stopped having sex before this happened? I know sex is frequently painful for me, because sometimes my boyfriend and I are unable to do it for days, weeks, or even months. The next time we do it, it causes tearing and bleeding and hurts for a while. If she had any kind of tearing, that can take a while to heal, and re-opening those little tears can hurt a lot. Are you guys doing anything differently? Different positions, different kind of lube, etc?

    I think she'll be okay, the doctors will probably be able to figure it out. Try not to worry too much, I hope she improves soon.

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    thankyou for your reply!

    there wasn't a lot of time between having sex, but we are not a sex-mad couple, we have it once or twice a week at most. sometimes not all some weeks.

    i spoke to her yesterday and she it was like burning on the inside once we got going - although it was very sore upon entry and we had to take it really slow to begin with until it stretched a little more. but she did have a little slit (like a paper cut) around the same area each time we done it about 4 / 5 weeks ago, on the outer skin as if its been stretched too much - and she said that was sore. It was a few times after this that I noticed that she had gone alot tighter inside or I had got alot thicker - but I don't think I have drastically. She feels as if it's alot tigher for her inside too.

    last night she also mentioned that its like little nagging pains all the time in her stomach for hours, then just out the blue it can become so sore she finds it hard walking etc.

    any ideas?

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    There are two issues here.

    My guess on the first one is IBS or tilted cervix.

    Irritable Bowel Syndrome. There is no real known reason for this, other than stress a large stress related problem.. It affects your stomach and causes bowels to have a wind problem, and causes pain during intercourse.

    Tilted Cervix, just tilts sometimes, it's not all the time and there is no cause for alarm.. But, it also can cause pain during intercourse.

    Cuts, are formed from not being "wet" enough, lubricated and that will burn because as she urinates, it burns...

    She's tight, your entering without "foreplay?" or enough lubricant and you cut her.

    IBS makes it very hard to walk and your stomach does hurt..

    I suggest that you get her to quit eating anything greasy, or chili hot for a while, to try only alot of fruits, vegetables, small amount of meat, no dairy, tuna, fish, chicken, wholemeal breads, this can last 1 month.. The only way to relieve that is to change diet.


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    Okay so i have had a problem similar to this in my past.
    The difference though is that me and my ex would have sex up to 10 times a day. And he would always "beat it up". We were rarely slow and passionate. It was a terrible pain that happened for a couple weeks. Basically my cycle was sometimes wishy washy and i would not get my cycle regularly at this time. I would get a VERY bad pain to where i would feel like i had to vomit yet i never did. It is actually an undescribable pain. like extremely bad cramps. I called my OBGYN to set up an appointment, i talked to her over the phone to ask her some questions and tell her the situation to see what input she could give me until i could come see her.
    There was a few things she told me.....

    1. menstrual cycle (although you stated your girl already had her period, cramps can still persist and girls periods at that age are not all ways regular.)
    2. STD ( STD such as cylamidia ect.. and even HPV can cause pain during intercourse.)

    It happened to be my period. Im not sure why this was happened to me but it went away after a few weeks. These symptoms started to occur after i ended my cycle after not having it for 3 months. Even though she already had her period it could still have something to do with that..

    Just a thought. Goodluck.

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