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Thread: Cullingus Issue !

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    Default Cullingus Issue !

    When I am performing down on my wife she enjoys a lot, & I too. I have a problem whenever I will go down and do cullingus on my wife, I got tonsils. One time doctor told me to remove this. Other than this I dont have issue of tonsilits, My question to all is it normal, if not what take care I have to do while performing this.

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    How exactly do your tonsils interfere with you performing oral on your wife? It's not as if she has a phallus that would bump up against them...
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    Are you saying you got tonsillitis from doing oral on your wife? The doctor confirmed that the bacteria came from your wife? I have had tonsillitis many times, mostly as a child, and have done oral on women many times and never got tonsillitis from it. Could maybe a yeast infection produce similar symptoms?

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    I can tell you, having your tonsils removed as an adult is no walk in the park - otoh, your wife would love you for it!
    OR you could get the doctor to prescribe you some penicillin or some such; there ought to be several that are very effective on a bacterial infection of the tonsils.

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    Thanks all for your advice, one more this problem I absorbed once I swallow her cum, It taste & smells too good to me. If I spit and gorggle immediately no problems. So is it normal to swallow or any other precaution needs to take care.

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    If you have infected tonsils you should be sure to see a doctor to get treatment. Your tonsils are so far back in your mouth I don't see how they could interfere with performing oral on your wife. Typically men only use their tongue and lips as there is nothing to put deep in your mouth where your tonsils would even go near.

    If your wife is healthy, no infections, no yeast situations... I don't see where her bodily fluids would cause any problems, but If you have infected tonsils ... definitely ask your doctor what he thinks. I don't know if your infection could be passed to your wife but if its yeast or thrush or something of the sort I imagine you two could be passing that back and forth.

    A monogomous, std free couple with no infections swallowing each others bodily fluids is pretty common and not harmful in anyway that I've ever been made aware of but seeing as how you have some tonsil issue I'm not sure whats safe for you or not.

    Perhaps it would be a good idea for your wife to get a gyno check up to ensure she doesn't have any yeast infections and for you to get your tonsils checked to see what treatment they can provide you for your infection.

    Again I am not sure where your tonsils would play a role in the oral sex of a female but if they are infected... it may not be good to do anything orally including kissing etc until you check with a doctor on what types of things will aggrivate your infection until its treated.

    But subtract the tonsil issue and there is not really any problems I've ever heard of that come from swallowing bodily fluids that follow orgasms or precede them.
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